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'Centenary' was a live broadcast at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre on the evening of Easter Monday, 28th March 2016.  'Centenary' follows the course of Ireland's story, out of the rich past of legend and myth, through a cultural and political awakening, and into a renewed sense of who we could be.  The heroism of the Easter Rising, the difficulty of building the republic, and the struggles our parents endured so that we could have our freedom, are all acknowledged and remembered.


Today's generation of artists tell the Centenary story in song, dance and poetry, gathering in figures of the past and present.  The show hopes to honour the past, celebrate the present, and remind ourselves why we should be hopeful for the future.


Peter Canning was the Lighting Designer for 'Centenary'. 


High Res put a Front of House team together for this project including Lighting Programmer, Media Server Programmer, Vision Supervisor, LED Screens Co-ordinator, Graphic artists for content creation for LED screens & Follow Spot Supervisor.


Specification of the lighting rig, the LED back screen & LED floor came under High Res' remit.  High Res supplied BR5C LED for the huge backwall screen and Uniview BO 6.2 for the LED floor.


Content creation for both the LED back screen & the floor was commissioned by High Res, Cosmo AV created the stunning customised graphics for the show, working to create elaborate backdrops for each of the 18 chapters within the show, working with original archive stills and moving footage throughout.


The show was separated into 18 chapters:
• Awakening
• Mo Ghile Mear
• Cúchulainn
• Protesting
• Foggy Dew
• Mise Éire
• Captivity
• Executions
• Grieving
• Turbulence
• Foundation
• Building
• Emigration and Renewal
• It Wasn’t Easy
• It Ain’t Easy Being Green
• You Raise Me Up
• One
• We Are the Music Makers

'Centenary' was broadcast live on RTÉ One and to the diaspora around the world on RTÉ Player on Easter Monday, 28 March 2016 from 9:35pm.


Photography Credits: Conor McCabe Photography (Copyright RTE 2016), Andres Poveda Photography (Copyright RTE 2016) & photos by Cosmo AV.

  • Year: 2016
  • Category: Lighting Design
  • Client: RTE
  • Location Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Video 'Awakening' Centenary


Video 'Cuchulainn' Centenary


Video 'Foggy Dew' Centenary



Video 'Mise Eire' Centenary


Video Trailer Centenary


Video Centenary Rigging Timelapse