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Skyfest 2008

The Rock of Cashel, Co Tipperary was the backdrop to a pyrotechnic, projected imagery and lighting spectacle, all set to a music soundtrack, during this years St Patrick's Weekend celebrations. High Resolution Lighting pulled together the design and production element of lighting up and projecting onto this beautiful and historical site. The show was seen by both a televised audience, live on the Saturday night, prime time, broadcast on RTE1, as well as by an on site audience of 40,000 people.

Searchlights were used to highlight the Castle ruins, with nine 10K Syncrolites positioned on the mountain behind. Inside the Castle itself, six 6K Syncrolites, blasted out through the roof and windows.

20 Studio Due City Colors - a mix of 1800W and 2500W were dotted around the walls, strategically positioned to illuminate the many nooks, crannies, shadowy corners and folds of the Castle. The PIGI projection, which was layered on top of the lighting, was all in black and white, enabling the base colours to be changed by big bold swoops of lighting.

Twenty narrow PARs were focused to up-light and revealing smaller architectural details and elements like walls, windows and columns.

Six Martin Professional MAC 2Ks in weatherized domes were used to pick out the elevated section of the buildings in the centre, along with two more fixtures outside specifically highlighting the Round Tower.

Six Hungaroflash 85000 Watt strobes - 3 inside and 3 outside - were used to silhouette and/or blast out the walls of the buildings at strategic moments in the music track.

  • Year: 2008
  • Category: Special Events
  • Client: St. Patricks Festival, in association with The Nat
  • Location Rock of Cashel, Tipperary